pam shaw

About Me:

Pam Shaw - Canine Consultant

Since 2002, I have completed both Foundation and Advanced courses and hold the relevant certificates to practice teaching Canine Communication, by far the most effective kind of dog training. I am now a regular on BBC radio as a panellist and have been invited to attend pet and garden centres across the South West giving advice to dog owners/carers.

My experiences with dogs

I have had dogs in my life since the age of seven and used my training methods with my beautiful Siberian Husky, Dion.

Dion-Blue grew up to be the most amazing dog I have ever shared my life with. Everything the books said could be a ‘problem’ simply did not occur and it is all down to canine communication. Dion has led me on what is now becoming a journey of a lifetime, where I am now helping others to enjoy the same wonderful, respectful relationship with their dog as I had with her.

I have had the pleasure of walking with Wolves in Wolf Park, Battleground Illinois and visited Yellowstone National Park to watch the ‘masters’ The Druid Peak pack. I am truly living my dreams.

My specialist dog traning methods

Puppy training should be done at home first to enable the puppy to concentrate on what you require from him. Most people will take their puppy to puppy training classes where there are many pups and owners, which for the puppy is very intimidating and also overwhelming for both dog and owner. I can give you the advice you need to give your puppy the best puppy training it could possibly have. Puppy training does not have to be a trial or a stressful occasion for either of you. It should always be an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to basic dog training this too is sometimes viewed as a need to dominate your dog through dog obedience and sometimes by using harsh and forceful methods. Those days are now thankfully long gone. Dog training is a time to bond with your dog and enjoy working with him whilst you are doing the dog training. It should be done with kindness and taking your time to ensure the training is successful and fun. Traditional dog training has in the past been about getting your dog to do exactly what you want him to do, this can still be achieved without being a bully and I can help you to achieve the best results whereby you have your dog wanting to work as well as pleasing you.

For more information about my dog training services,
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