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Friendly and effective dog training in Taunton, Somerset

Canine communication is a very kind and respectful method for solving dog behaviour problems. It is a language that the dog understands and will always respond to. The method of canine training I offer in Taunton is gadget free and without the use of any force at all. It deals with the dog by using its own language of subtle signals and gestures.

Dog Behaviourist

The need for dog training, puppy training or dog obedience has always been seen as a necessity for anyone wishing to own a well behaved dog and I am very pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to get it absolutely right. I offer in person training throughout Taunton, Somerset, but can provide consulting services throughout the UK and Europe.

Pam Shaw Offers

We can alter your dogs

Do you require specialist dog training throughout the UK and Europe?

Traditionally people use dog obedience and in doing so, they force their dogs to obey their commands by shouting and manhandling. I can give you a better option so that rather than using dog obedience where the dog has to do what you want it to do, I will help you to communicate with your dog so that the dog wants to do what you want.

So if you want a great relationship with your dog and prefer to use a kinder method where you get better results than the traditional puppy training or dog training, then please call me to discuss your needs.

Don’t just take my word for it, please see some of the testimonials that I have regarding cases a lot like yours.