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Her words made sense, not only to me but also to the dog

'I first "met" Pam three years ago, when I was trying to gain the trust of a feral dog in Cyprus. Having read every dog behaviour book I could get my hands on, having paid a vet in the USA for advice, and having trawled through Google for hours searching for help, I wasn't getting any further and was hitting levels of desperation. I simply HAD to get this girl in to safety, but without trapping or forcing her - she had been feral for over a year and was too smart to fall for a trick like that. In a last ditch attempt, I contacted Pam; I was keen to know how much this would cost me but Pam glossed over this issue due to the nature of the case - in fact it was only when I insisted that I pay something she suggested that I make a donation to the animal charity she was supporting at the time. So this lady was working for free; she patiently answered all of my emails and the information I was given by her was second to none. To think she was literally advising on what I was telling her, rather than what she was actually seeing, was incredible. Her words made sense - not only to me, but also to the dog who literally had lost her faith in humans. Over the period of four weeks, we literally sent hundreds of emails - I will always be grateful for Pam's time, dedication and more importantly - knowledge. She was kind, patient and passionate....just like the method she teaches. Three years on, I am proud to call her my friend and mentor.' Bobby and the Bubs

Geordie has become a well mannered and very loveable boy

'I have known Pam for about 3 years. I had just taken on a Red and White setter called Geordie through Breed Rescue and had a very dominant and high wired chap on my hands. After an immediate answer to a rather frantic email Pam and I spoke on the phone and arranged a visit for the following weekend. On arrival she was calm and friendly and we sat chatting about the forthcoming training. Geordie was immediately aware that a 'superior being' was present and after a considerable time trying to get her attention, he just gave up! Pam has always been happy to answer my queries (and my pleas for help) whenever I have rung or emailed her, she has always urged me to remain calm as she always is and her love and passion for every dog she comes into contact with is paramount. I have attended presentations that Pam has organised and apart from being well run, they are most enjoyable and informative and I have always returned home with more knowledge.

Geordie has become a well mannered and very loveable boy through the gentle method of training that I have followed under Pam's careful tuition.
Pam will go from strength to strength, her drive and passion will take her wherever she wants to go and I am very proud to be a friend.'
Sue and Geordie

Bodger had a personality transplant! Something has finally clicked with him!

Dear Pam,
Just a few words to update you on our EBT, Bodger. As you know, when I contacted you, Bodger was seriously dog-aggressive, turning into a whirling dervish of hissing, spinning, snarling and snapping at anything in his way, whenever he spotted another dog - even one 100 yards away! Walking him was a nightmare, meaning we really only took him out at night, and his behaviour continued in the house, jumping up and nipping visitors to the house, throwing himself at the windows whenever anyone walked past. He was (and still is) in all other ways, delightful and a joy to have - house and crate-trained, never steals food, slippers, post or anything else, is not food aggressive and loves his cuddles, but the dog aggression was a real worry to us. Fortunately, we are well-known in our little village, and everyone tolerated his behaviour, but elsewhere, I was always concerned he would be reported as a dangerous dog. And at about 32kg in weight, he is a big boy. We are his third home in 4 years, and I often wonder what he went through in those years, as the aggression is definitely fear-based, but we always said, whatever happened, he was staying with us. No more re-homing. I contacted three different trainers asking for help with Bodger. The first one was clearly frightened of him, and I felt that her 'training' methods only rewarded his aggressive behaviour, as well as risking me being severely bitten. The second 'trainer' suggested first a 'prong' collar and then an e-collar - not my idea of how to treat my beloved pet, regardless of the behaviour. The third trainer didn't even bother to get back to me.

Then my bird-sitter put me in touch with someone close by, who suggested I contact you on Facebook, which I did. By this time, we were desperate, having spent over £800 with nothing to show for it, so we really were reluctant to seek any more help, or spend any more money. Bodger was simply going to be our lovely boy at home, who got walked on an evening in the dark, when he could be relaxed and happy.

You very kindly offered me some advice though Facebook, which cost us nothing and when I could see progress being made, I decided to go for a full consultation, which you gave us.

We followed your advice, often taking two steps forward and one step back, but always hoping that one day we would really see a difference in our boy.

Well, after slow but steady progress, the nipping visitors and attacking the windows has stopped, about 10 weeks ago, Bodger had a personality transplant! Something has finally clicked with him! He now simply adores other EBTs (other breeds of dog are still a bit of an issue, but we are definitely getting there), and all he wants to do is play with them. He doesn't know how to play, so is a bit of a thug, jumping on them, but when they tell him off for doing that, he accepts it, and doesn't retaliate! It's wonderful to see (I'm filling up with tears now just writing about it). He is a much much happier and more relaxed dog, looking forward to going out, and enjoying socialising with his own breed. (It's probably because we walk him with other EBTs a lot and he doesn't often see other breeds that he still needs work in that area, but I'm now certain we can get there).

Last weekend, we went camping for the first time, with about 60 other EBTs and Bodger had a wonderful time, playing with them all. He was absolutely exhausted by the end of the second day, but a very happy boy!

Just wanted to say thank you very very much for the advice, tips and guidance you gave us, which have helped us all so much. And Bodger sends big EBT licks and a 'helicopter tail' wag just for you.

Vanessa Edmonds

"Hi Pam. Don't know if u will remember me but I live in Chedzoy and u came to help me with my giant schnauzer rufus who was basically completely off his head due to a v rocky start in his life. Well thx to u and ur methods he is now a v different dog. I have just taken him on holiday to France and loads of people complimented me on his good behaviour!!! He is still a lively boy who needs reminders but so loving and giving. If not for your help I seriously wondered at one stage if I could cope but all good now. Thank you again. Hope u are well and happy 2015."
Vanessa x

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